High Rise

Hawthorne Plaza Renovation – 75 Hawthorne

Timeframe: 8/1/2013 – 12/15/2015

Project Volume ($): 50M

Size (sf): 100M

Location: San Francisco, CA

Project Details: Renovation of High Rise using lean strategies and processes. Lead an onsite team in the integrative use of reducing a complex schedule into manageable milestone tasks. Consulted on the delivery of the cash flows and monthly deliverables and identification of risk areas and the development of mitigation measures as they applied.

LEED Platinum

LinkedIn Building – 222 Second Street

Timeframe: 8/1/2013 – 7/15/2015

Project Volume ($): 129M

Size (sf): 523K

Location: San Francisco, CA

Project Details: Lean Processes and generous use of schedule visualizalization used to facilitate the build and communicate of the build, potential constraints and work arounds for the timely delivery of a 26-story high-rise. Produced monthly cash flows and risk assessments. Consulted on mitigation measures and next steps.


Kimpton Sawyer Mixed Use Building – Sacramento, CA

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