Winning CM Strategies offers the following services.

Our Services

Executive Management / Risk Management

  • Claims Avoidance
  • Collaborative Time Impact Analysis
  • Facilitate Conversations
  • Facilitate Negotiations
  • Facilitate Negotiations
  • Facilitate “Red Zone” Planning
  • General Conditions (develop / write)
  • REA Support

Dispute Resolution Services

  • Early Dispute Resolution Services
  • Named Project Neutral
  • Dispute Resolution Board (DRBF Certified)
  • Mediator / Arbitrator Panelist for the American Arbitration Association
  • Time Impact Analysis Negotiations
  • Settlement Negotiations
  • Mediation

Construction Scheduling Services

  • Scheduler III
  • Scheduler II
  • Scheduler I

Construction Project Management / Risk Avoidance Training

  • Top Ten Tips and Tricks for Construction Scheduling
  • Advanced Top Ten Tips and Tricks for Construction Scheduling
  • Schedule Coordination Meetings
  • Red Zone Planning
  • Risk Avoidance

The Collaborative

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